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Muted communities can still show red "unread post" indicators on bottom bar

Under certain circumstances, all muted communities with unread posts will suddenly add to the red unread post count on the communities tab in the bottom bar. Steps to replicate: * Have more than one community muted and with unread posts (gray indicators in communities list). * Open a muted community with unread posts. * Tap "Mark all as read". * Red counter appears on communities tab in the bottom bar, with the number of all remaining unread posts from muted communities (plus any for unmuted communities, too, I think). * The app must be closed and reopened for the count to display properly again, OR all muted communities must be manually marked as read. * (The bugged red indicator also persists if you leave the community without first marking things as read, though it also disappears if you restart the app.) Hopefully this is clear! I'm on the Android version if it's relevant.