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Opt-in "community post history" section for user profiles

I like learning about potential new contacts from their post history, as well as leaving mine easily accessible to others so they can learn more about me. Currently, there's no conveniently collated way of viewing even one's *own* posts, let alone others', but I'd definitely love to see it. I imagine it as a section beneath a user's communities list, with 1-2 recent threads/replies (whatever fits nicely) and a link to viewing all of them in a big newest-first list. Being able to pin specific threads/replies to the top (like Reddit) would be cool too, as would additional sort options and filters. I'd say to make it opt-in (not enabled by default), with privacy settings like: * Show all community posts to everyone * Show all SFW community posts to everyone * Show AD community posts only to mutuals * Show all community posts only to mutuals * Hide community posts from everyone Alternatively, making the "Posted x replies" and "Created y threads" part of the community badges clickable would be another way to implement the idea, though it would be more annoying to go through each community one by one.