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Add a feature for tagging users in posts and bios

I think it would be a good idea to be able to tag users in posts (perhaps using the @ symbol like Twitter and other social media) which would provide a clickable link to their profile. - It could be included in the user bio to represent their relationship status or etc. "Taken by @USERNAME" - It could be used in community descriptions to indicate who to contact in various situations "If you need any help send a message to @ADMIN" - It could also just be used to generally tag people in posts made in communities "Here's a photo of me at a convention with @PERSON1 and @PERSON2. Photo by @PERSON3" - A notification could also be provided to users when they have been tagged in a post, allowing them to tap the notification to view the post. One of the biggest hurdles I see with this is that barq doesn't actually seem to have a concept of usernames. One solution could be allowing autocompletion by typing @ then the display name of one of your mutuals, but this obviously won't work for anybody who isn't a mutual and searching every single user would be ridiculous. Maybe that's a good thing because tagging non-mutuals could just be annoying?