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Allow for searching for users with a custom gender set

Currently, if you perform a search with any gender filters in place, no users with custom genders will show up in the search results. This makes it very hard to perform certain search configurations. For example, if I want to search for women and non-binary people, there is no way for me to enable a gender filter without filtering out all users with a custom gender set. I want those people to show up in my search results, as many of them identify as non-binary and are using the custom gender field to further specify their identity. This could be solved in one of two ways - 1. Users with custom genders will show up if "Non-binary" is included in gender filters for the search 2. Add another gender filter to searches labeled "Custom genders" that will control whether or not custom genders show up in search results Personally, I feel like the first option is cleaner.