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(Android) "Unknown Error" on all tabs, thereafter cannot log in after clearing local data

All tabs from the main tab to chat fail to populate, and then display "Unknown error" upon refreshing. I also cannot change options that I presume are server-side (such as "block minors"), and the autofill/suggestions in the "search location" dialogue also do not populate. I have been able to trigger this state in the following ways, all starting from a fresh restart of my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note S10): 1. Leaving my phone alone entirely for 5 minutes after booting, then opening Barq. 2. Opening Barq, changing my location repeatedly for a few minutes hoping to trigger the bug, getting tired of that and closing the app normally (overview button, swipe up), and then opening the app again. 3. Opening Barq and then immediately force stopping it through Android's app settings over and over again, the main tab was populating the first 10 or so times, the bug triggered in maybe not even a minute. 4. Leaving Barq open in the background for too long (the worst one). Other users have had issues with logging in, and if I clear my local data, I get caught in the same login attempt loop that they describe.