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Social account formatting

App has the same problem that Furaffinity has, where they simply give users a field to put their social accounts. Problem is that the field usually assumes users putting in simply their handle on the platform, in reality people just copy-paste URLs. I already see a lot of users whose telegram is "" or furaffinity is "" which neither work (first makes telegram just endlessly load, second brings the old furaffinity 404 page), but of course users won't check if they do as they assume they work when settings saved. Couple things that could improve this is to make it much clearer on the social accounts settings what to put into the field, only username or whole URL. Another would be to make it so that when user does input URL instead of just nickname, service could detect this and strip the URL part of it automatically, with maybe some additional checking if there's something clearly wrong. Also there's general problem with only having basically FA and Twitter, even if those are most popular socials for furries.