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Can't add Hobbies/Interests

recently I tried editing my interests. I kept clicking on one trying to edit it (it was an old one that was posted during 0.4 or whatever the earliest version was) and it just wouldn't let me edit it. Never brought up the keyboard, just highlited the interest no edit button or nothing. Not even a delete button. Next thing I know is ALL my interests were deleted, and when I go in to recreate them it never saves them. I go to Hobbies/Interests, copy/paste them from a previous saved list of my Interests, click "Save", it says "saved successfully", I go back into Hobbies/Interests and there is nothing there nor are they saved on my profile page. Mind you these were customised Interests, like a list of my favourite games, anime, books, etc. Not from the newly added pull down suggested menu. I have tried the following: Logged out, waited a day and logged back in. Still can't create new interests, previous ones are still perm deleted. I have also tried uninstalling the app, reinstalling, logging back in. Still can't create interests, old ones are still perm deleted.