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Showing country of minors

I happen to be in a SFW group with "looking for DMs" questions. When I click on the person, and see, it's a minor, I don't write them. I also blocked my profile for minors. However it's not uncommon, the minors write their city in their profile text, because their location is for good reason hidden. I don't know, if it is a good idea, but I suggest to show the most coarse information of the geolocation, i.e. "US". Okay, this suggestion might only arise from a European problem, because we have like 20 languages on the area half as big as the USA. And maybe I assume wrong that people want to write in their mothertongue instead of clean oxford school english. What I wanted to say: I don't know, if minors will stop to tell people the city they live in in their profile, when you "at least" allow them to show the country and therefore possible Languages they speak. Probably make a fixed "spoken languages" thing part of the SFW profile instead of showing DE, NL, PL, IT? I don't know! Please discuss. Just my unsorted thoughts...