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Allow posts outside of communities and/or add a location filter to them

I think having the option to post outside of communities would be great! I've always wanted to make local artist friends, but so far communities are limited to international posts, and I've never been one to DM someone out of the blue. I like to see how they are online first, how they interact with others, etc. I'd love for a way to engage with people locally without needing to join a community. Think like how you can post your own content on your Reddit profile, but maybe more discoverable like Tumblr. So far no other social medias let you discover content that's location based like that and I think it would work well! It wouldn't have to be limited to art necessarily, but there should definitely be a character limit to it. Imagine being able to find a Pokemon Go buddy in the Pokefurs group that's local because you could filter by location! There's a few ways I think it could be implemented: - Have a front page that shows all recent posts, where there are filter options like location, community, etc. So you could filter by all local posts, all local posts in x group(s), all posts in x group(s) in general, etc. (which I'd prefer but maybe other people wouldn't?) - Add a location filter to communities - Add a feed below a user's profile, similar to "community activity" but it shows the activity. Users should be able to hide content if they choose though imo tl;dr I want to do more than just message people!