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Chats / Chats Tab Not Wanting To Work Normally / Properly On App

I’ve been having this huge issue with the Chats tab not wanting to work properly / normally that I keep getting the “Unknown error” message (especially with trying to get the chats to load up when I would open the app, and even when I tried closing & reopening the app to get it to actually work again) since the switch from the Beta testing version to the full app version. And I even tried to refresh the Chats tab to get the chats to load up, but it wouldn’t even actually load up when I tried refreshing it. It also wouldn’t even update the Chats tab if I had recently replied back to a message I received from before for it to be shown at the top, and if I would have also recently received a reply back from someone. And even when I would check on the status page, and it shows that everything is still operating at around 100%, the Chats tab would still not be working normally / properly for me. I would even still be able to receive any new replies back from others, but I can’t be able to get to actually see & reply back to them when the chats in the Chats tab don’t even want to load up for me. I also even tried deleting & reinstalling the app that SnowieNico suggested that I would try after reporting to him about this, and was still able to get to log back in through my Telegram account. But when I was checking & going to the Chats tab, it was still giving me the same bug / issues that I’ve been having so much problems about with the Unknown error message showing up.