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Added functionality: "Feed", "Chatrooms", and "Latest" tabs

**I'm proposing some added functionality to grant users easier, more efficient/thorough access to new content, and to increase overall user engagement.** * A "Feed" tab would be great along with the Profiles, Search, Groups, Events, and Chats tabs! It would be a tab that populates new posts from all of the people and groups users follow so they don't have to go to check every individual group or profile to see if there is new content. * A "Chatrooms" tab so users who are online can chat live with other users about whatever topics they are interested in. * Finally, a "Latest" tab that allows users to browse all content (with a mature content filter) that happens in the community and allows us to comment and 'like' it. **I feel that more accessible and user friendly, community oriented features will really help to increase overall user engagement. ^^**