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Toggle on/off image blurring for AD users

It would be cool if users with bard's AD mode enabled could toggle on/off the clurring censor feature, or at least within specific scenarios like groups where AD group topic discussions can have a lot of images posted, majority of them blurred by default. I suggest this because it can be a bit frustrating to have to click into each post in order to manually unblur each photo and then return to the group's feed page and repeat the same process for the next post and so on if trying to stay up to date with posts in a barq AD group. This isn't as much an issue when browsing a user's AD profile and looking at their images, however the feature to toggle blurring would be appreciated since the app can run a bit slow or respond differently than expected on some mobile devices. Using a Google Pixel 6 Pro in my personal experience is not the most user-friendly visual experience when refreshing and navigating pages on barq, especially when updating my personal profile bio or especially uploading new images which can be slow and unresponsive more than I'd care to tolerate. I understand why the blurring feature exists as it's a censor and can be used to prevent the unwanted viewing of nsfw content; however this may not be something that matters as much to barq AD users interested in seeing nsfw content more easily without needing to manually go into each post to unblur and see blurred images.