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Another layer for the privacy settings or security features for the app, so that you can't screenshot AD screens.

From time to time, there are strange accounts on barq. They have all the basics to look legit. They like you and most likely also like a ton of other accounts and some hours later, the account is deleted. After some thinking about my third encounter with such a profile i came to the conclusion, that those ppl do it on purpose. And the only reasons i came up for such a behaviour is, that they gather information on those ppl (Idk but in a world with like ours sounds at least possible if we think about the fact that many of us would be prosecuted in many countries in this world) or they just want to fish AD pics from the profiels to upload them illegally on AD sides. So i guess it would be good if we prevent something like that from happening with another layer for the privacy settings, like "mutual and we had writen to each another". Or secruity features that prevent ppl from doing screenshots on the AD profiles. The same feature like Telegram when you send a time locked pic for example. Another option would be a captcha for every like you do or a timer that only allows X likes in X given time?