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Sort options for Events (Most Upcoming, Proximity, Size, etc.)

The lack of sorting/filtering options for the Events page is staggering, especially given how prevalent events are in the furry fandom. Right now, the events page is sorted by amount of attendees, meaning Massive Cons across the globe are always at the top and smaller events are buried deep underneath. You can filter out events that are too far away, but even then you run into the same problem. One fairly easy to implement improvement could simply be an option to sort events by a few factors Barq already has the information for. Notably, proximity (showing events that are the fewest number of miles/km away from your current position first, with events progressively increasing in distance away as you scroll down the list) and date (show currently running events or events the fewest number of days into the future at the top of the list, with events progressively increasing how many days from present they occur as you scroll down the list). Adding these two sort options, in addition to the size option Barq currently uses, would be extremely helpful in allowing furries to find more local events or be more knowledgable about current events.