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UI for Tablets / Responsive design

Hey guys, it would be nice if the UI would be extended with layouts for devices with larger, wider screens - such as tablets or phones with a lot of screen real estate or where the landscape mode actually provides more possibilities. For example, you could split a lot of stacked views into side-by-side master-detail views, having a way to navigate through lists of profiles by also being able to view an individual profile at the same time. Or make the notification center a quick-access popover on the main screen with the option of opening a detail view - some Web/Desktop style UI practices (or their native mobile equivalent) and approaches to navigation make sense on such devices and are also expected by tablet-user to be present on tablet-versions of mobile applications. Is this something you have already considered? A tablet-layout could also pave the way for non touchscreen use-cases such as desktop/web. Or the other way round.