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“AD” profile disable not working.

the option to disable and/or deactivate the "AD" profile doesn't seem to function properly. It initially appears to deactivate/disable the profile, but upon closing the app and opening it again, it apperantly resets, and you must deactivate it every time you open the app. The verbage of the confirmation window implies it will remain deactivated, but it does not, for me at least. I am over 18 but regardless do not want to see, or be asociated with any kind of NSFW content or explicit information, and have no desire to possess such a profile, or see anyone elses full stop, so it would be highly appreciated if the option kept the "AD" content disabled indefinitely until actively switched back on again. Not sure if this is just on my end or if it's a bug with the app itself, but I appreciate any consideration to the matter. Thanks. -Foxxo